Build Times


  • Aero Parts (splitters, spoilers, diffusers, etc.): 1-5 weeks
  • Big Wings: 3-8 weeks
  • Bash Bars: 1-5 weeks
  • Catalytic Converter Guards: 1-3 weeks
  • Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers: 1-3 business days (unless backordered)
  • Carbon Fiber Mud Guards: 1-3 business days (unless backordered)
  • Splitter Rods: 1-3 business days

All build times are estimated and are subject to change. They represent the time it takes to build a product and package it for shipping; shipping time itself varies depending on where you are located.

We try our best to ship before the end of the estimated build time. You are always welcome to call or email us to check in we have parts in stock - if build times are faster we will typically list them on the product page!