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Threaded Rivet Nut Tool

What is a threaded rivnut?
Everyday we receive questions about our threaded rivet nuts (rivnuts for short). A threaded rivnut is a piece of hardware used to create threads where they do not already exist. Several of our applications use threaded rivnuts; of which are installed with a heavy duty threaded rivnut tool. 

Threaded rivnuts look like this:

Rivnuts are inserted into a hole of the rivnut's diameter. The vertical ribs on the rivnut are pulled downward and squished creating a sandwich effect between the face of the hole (the flange with serrations) and the inside of the hole (other side of the metal/plastic/etc.). This is all done using a threaded rivnut installation tool.

The Tool
A heavy duty threaded rivnut tool makes the job easy. One with tall handles works best. On the tip of your tool install the mandrel appropriate for the job; that being the correct thread pitch. Open the handles fully and thread on a rivnut. Then insert the rivnut into the hole and squeeze the handles until they stop - don't over squeeze. You will feel the stopping point, or it will reach the full squeeze. If you don't feel the handle stop, or it doesn't seem like the rivnut squeezed down all the way, then open the handles and thread it back up to the flange and squeeze slowly again.

Here is a link to our favorite tool:

Here is a video we found online showcasing how it is squeezed down on the other side of a hole:

Call us with any questions you may have.