FS Performance Engineering - NB (1999-2005) Mazda Miata Full Width Diffuser V2

NB (1999-2005) Mazda Miata Full Width Diffuser V2 (DISCONTINUED)

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The NB Mazda Miata diffuser was created for those who want to maintain the structure of their rear bumper. The diffuser is easy to install and comes in two styles - full width and narrow. Pictured is our buddy's 2001 NB1 Mazda Miata (silver) with a full width diffuser installed and stock exhaust. You'll also find our 2004 NB2 Mazda Miata (dark purple) with a full width diffuser and unpainted underbody extension installed. Don't worry, yours will be powdercoated black. The car has a Magnaflow Exhuast installed.

The full width diffuser stretches just past the outer edges of the rear bumper and bends around potential exhaust tips. Each fin is 3.5" long meaning there is lower ground clearance in the rear. If your exhaust tip is larger than 3" you run the risk of contact with the diffuser - you may want to consider the narrow width NB diffuser.

Both NB Mazda Miata Diffusers are supplied with a flat underbody tray that extends under the Miata's rear muffler and utlizes existing bolts in the rear subframe. If your muffler is much larger than the Miata's stock muffler, or isn't in the same spot as the stock muffler, you run the risk of contact with the diffuser. Give us a call if you're worried and we'll see what we can do on our end. The diffusers are also made to allow for use of both stock towhooks.

  • Made of very high quality 12 gauge (0.08") 5052 aluminum
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision laser cut
  • Assembled by hand
  • All pieces are now powder coated semi-gloss black!
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • No drilling required - uses existing mounting holes and supplied brackets
  • PLEASE allow a 20-28 business day build time - it's worth it

Note: Does NOT fit with cars that have mudguards installed. Please ensure your car does not have, or you are willing to remove, your mudguards. Our NB Mazda Miata Narrow Width Diffuser will install with cars that have mudguards installed. This diffuser has not been test fitted on Mazda Speed Miatas (yet).

Part Number: FSPEMA004

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or for Alaska/Hawaii/international shipping.